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Foreign makers are active in Jinjiang

www.ijjnews.com    晋江新闻网 2018-05-16 17:01

  Maker is a word that has ignited over the past few years. As a city that enjoys the reputation of "brand capital" and "Chinese shoes capital", Jinjiang has become a choice for many makers. This includes a number of special makers. They are not Chinese, but differences such as nationality, language, customs, have not hindered their entrepreneurial footsteps. Instead, they have made their entrepreneurship more distinctive.

  Brian, an American who claims to be an "Old Jinjiang people",has opened an American education and training institution; James who is an Canadian has developed an online program to teach people to learn English; A Cuban guy-Peter, who can only understand 60% of Chinese, started to do foreign trade. His business is very good……They represents those "Foreigner" makers who are active in Jinjiang.

Brian and his partners.

Brian teaches English to children outdoors.

   Brian: Taking Jinjiang as an 'entrepreneurial Paradise'

  In 2011, the American guy Brian came to No.1 Middle School of Jinjiang to work as a teacher. At that time, he cannot say a word in Chinese. When he got lost, he could only ask the middle school students in uniform for help. It was his first chat with the Jinjiang people.

  The beginning of this story is the same as those of most foreigners. If it goes on like this, Brian's story will be as bland as those of thousands of foreigners, but he has started his entrepreneurial career.

  In Brian's view, Jinjiang is one of the most suitable places for entrepreneurship in China. The people here are full of vitality and curiosity about new things, and have particularly flexible minds. "Jinjiang people not only can do business, but also are very low-key." Brian said that the Jinjiang entrepreneurs' wearing, speech, and manners are not like the look of assuming bosses. They just look like ordinary people, which make him impressive.

  Driven by the strong business atmosphere of Jinjiang, in 2018, Brian chose the area of education that he was familiar with and started his entrepreneurial life—opening an education and training institution. According to different groups and learning needs, he customizes special teaching courses. He does not only teaches children English, but also provides English training for company employees such as Anta and FILA, etc.

  Although the training organization has just started and the entrepreneurship was very hard, Brian has strong sense of achievement because he is the boss himself. At present, there are forty-five students in the children's classes of training institutions, and summer classes are offered during summer vacations. The company's training business, which focuses on business English and hotel English, is also expanding.

  After living in Jinjiang for more than seven years, Brian witnessed the changes in Jinjiang." Road monitors in every corner of the city make Jinjiang safer." Bryan said that once he left his ipad on a bicycle and did not take it back, but when he came back he found that he did not lose it.

  "You will have a sense of security in entrepreneurship in Jinjiang!" He often introduced Jinjiang to newcomers from foreign countries, gave them guides, and helped more foreigners to know Jinjiang and stay in Jinjiang.

James is partying with his friends.

   James: Jinjiang aunts like to use my online program

  One year ago, the Canadian guy-James moved to Jinjiang from Xiamen, where he has lived for five years.

  More than a decade ago, after studying Chinese for three and a half years, he decided to come to China to "have an adventure". Today, on the one hand, he is engaged in the independent consulting work of Western companies in China. On the other hand, he also started his own entrepreneurship-developing online program to teach Chinese to learn English.

  James's Mandarin is very fluent and the idioms can also be used very precisely by him. "It is better to teach people how to fish than to give them fishes. Many people learn foreign languages by relying on teachers. It is like giving fishes to students, but my software will train students how to fish."

  James said that this program can not only adjust the speed of the audio according to the student's level, but also monitor the student's progress in the backstage.

  In addition to promoting the program to student groups, James also started to do the business with Jinjiang elder people. The effect is good. The program is known and used by more and more people in Jinjiang.

  "James's course is very good. Several sisters of us are learning his course. Not only can we master it gradually but also we are becoming more and more interested in it." Aunt Zhang of the Senior University of Jinjiang City said that several students who have come into contact with this program and began to study English in groups.

  "Jinjiang is the most comfortable place I have lived in China." James said that he and his wife are currently living in the Jinjiang Huatai community and they can hear birdsong every morning when they wake up.

  "The air is fresh and the housing price is not expensive here. I want to stay here for a long time. "James said that Jinjiang is his home. He hopes to help more people in Jinjiang learn English well so that they can better welcome the arrival of the Gymnasiade 2020.

   Peter: Friends in Jinjiang taught me how to do business

  Like many foreigners, Peter from Cuba did foreign trade.

  He came to China two years ago. He learned Chinese while started a partnership with his friends. They all said that "Everything is difficult at the beginning". Peter, who had arrived for the first time, was faced with the predicament of unfamiliar language and unfamiliar people and environment. He said frankly that he encountered a lot of difficulties when he firstly started to do business.

  Later, as the Chinese level improved, he began to make friends with the Jinjiang people. Gradually, he has more and more friends nearby. This not only makes him feel warm, but also he learns a lot from the Jinjiang friends about how to do business, including how to distinguish the authenticity of the goods, and how to bargain with customers.

  Nowadays, he who is doing business in Jinjiang, is able to purchase goods in Chendai and other places independently. He then sells inexpensive goods such as shoes, cups and plastic swimming pools to Russia,Brazil, Cuba, South Africa and other countries and regions. "Now the business is very good, and this can be written up." Peter said with a smile.

  Currently, Peter can understand 60% of Chinese. At the same time, he can also use the sentences "Did you eat?" ,"I'm full" and other Southern Fujian dialects to greet people. In his opinion, Jinjiang is very nice. And in his original words, Jinjiang can be described by a word"excellent"!

  James is partying with his friends.

  Brian teaches English to children outdoors.

  Brian and his partners.

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